Thank you for visiting.  My name is Nealon Hightower and this is a place created for remembering special times, moments, pictures or stories about my father Fred Hightower, Jr. 

Please feel free to comment on anything you like and you can certainly send me any photos you would like me to post or ideas you have to make this site better. 

The purpose is to remember Fred at his best, which was often.  I hope this site brings you much joy in this remembrance.  Through it all, his suffering was kept to a bare minimum and I thank all the doctors and nurses who made this possible.  Thank you for giving us two more wonderful years.  My brother and I were at his side when he transitioned over and all I can tell you was that he embraced this passing with open arms.  No regrets, no sadness, just pure allowing.  

Thanks again for visiting and for all of your kind actions, words, pictures and stories. 



North Captiva, FL, 2 weeks prior