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Well, Dad, this is one of the last things I can do for you to show you how much I and everyone else loved you.  You are in my heart and many others, as well.  We’ll miss seeing your smile, but we still feel your love.

Carry on, pop.  I know you will.


Your son,


Here’s Dad on his birthday, last year with many of his friends and family present, up in Connecticut.  He was so content and satisfied, as usual.  There is a cameo from Mima, Kelly’s grandmother, who passed later that year.

This was an incredible 17 day trip Ryan and Dad got to spend together.  This trip will no doubt be cherished for a lifetime.  It reminds us all to stay in the present moment and to say what we need to say in life.   Never miss an opportunity to tell someone you love them or how you feel.  Dad was very good at staying in the moment.

This video also reminds me just how much Dad loved the beach and the sun.  He had an eternal tan and loved the sunlight like nobody I’ve ever known.

We miss you, Popi.